JeopardyLabs is a simple website for teachers to make Jeopardy themed reviews and games for their students. Its completely free, in fact you don’t even have to register. I know that as a student, these games are an efficient way to not only get students to participate but to get them interested in the material. Its an easy way to help reach the learning standards you need to. The site doesn’t seem to have too many limitations, its easy to use. This would honestly probably work for all age groups and most subjects. It would just take different difficulty levels for different age groups.

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  1. wenzelm · November 30, 2015

    I’m not familiar with JeopardyLabs, so thanks for sharing. When you are evaluating online resources, be sure to be explicit in your descriptions- you may occasionally have to evaluate resources for the entire grade level or team, and they will want specific evidence of the worthiness (or unworthiness) of a resource. Use the questions from this week’s assignment to guide you.


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