Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a website for teachers to give their students positive and constructive feedback. It allows teachers to take attendance, and to also look at individual reports of each student. Teachers can use this website to encourage participation and play games with their students. It can also be used to create a token economy system in the class room. The site is fairly simple to navigate, it has a short tutorial in the beginning to get you started, and it tells you about all you need to know. The way that it is set up is intriguing to students, and in my opinion would definitely increase classroom participation and good behavior. Depending on the type of classroom it is being used for, it might have a few limitations. For instance, I don’t think this would work in classes of most high school students. I would probably suggest that it isn’t used for grades any higher than tenth grade. That being said, I would say the age group that Class Dojo is directed towards is mostly elementary education and maybe some middle school.

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