Presentation Design Principles and Techniques

To be honest, I haven’t really created that many PowerPoint presentations in my time as a student… And I’m sure that the few I’ve created were not top quality. However, I have seen quite a few boring PowerPoint Presentations with cluttered slides and too many pictures. As far as being aware of the elements addressed in Presentation Zen, these things had never really been brought to my attention before. The main concepts such as balance, negative space, and simple to-the-point slides are some that I will certainly incorporate in my future presentations.

I will be incorporating these techniques in any and all slides I create in the future. I will also teach my students the importance of a well put together presentation. The elements of a good presentation are important because we are all tired of sitting through boring presentations of a speaker rambling on and on while trying to write down or retain all of the information written on each slide. It’s important to have little writing on your slide, and convey most of your information verbally. Not only will this keep the attention of your audience, but it shows that you know a lot about your topic.

PowerPoints that I have created in the past were full of bullets containing just about everything I was saying out loud, if not more. I am guilty of putting too many pictures in one slide, or having really distracting graphics. Like I said earlier, I haven’t created very many PowerPoints to compare. However, I will do my best to create interesting and effective power points in the future.

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