Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships Response

Ms. Penland approached teaching a sensitive topic by not asking any students to respond out loud, but still incorporating the feel of a classroom discussion. Students could submit their opinions and responses without having to share with the entire class, and everyone had to think of a response and write it down. This minimalized the chance of any students acting out, or any students feeling left out because they were to afraid or shy to respond.

It is important for students to put vocabulary into their own words because not only are they thinking about the information, but they are putting it in context to their own lives and experiences. It will not only be easier to remember in words that make more sense to you, but it will create connections that help with learning.

The use of iPads sky rockets participation in the classroom. Students are more willing to engaged and participate if they aren’t going to be judged by their peers. IPads also add an aspect of fun to classroom and kids were more excited to participate. With the proper applications and uses of them, they can thrive in the classroom.

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